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Head Hunters provides a comprehensive range of high-quality, beneficial, and wholesome products. These products are carefully evaluated and tested before being used in our Head Hunters L.R.S. Treatment Facilities located in Atlanta and Roswell, Georgia.

Lice Treatment

WipeOut lice treatment is a safe, natural, and extremely effective lice treatment that kills lice, super lice, and eggs on the spot.


Our products are formulated with all-natural ingredients such as Sage, Chamomile, Ginseng, Oat, Lemon, and Aloe, and fortified with Vitamins A and E, making it safe to reapply daily as needed to completely remove all lice and nit casings.


Our products offer a safe and effective solution for eliminating lice with its non-toxic and natural ingredients. The formula is highly effective without causing any harm to the hair or scalp, making it safe for use on kids and adults alike.

Lice Experts

Our products are expertly crafted by our team of head lice professionals. Using customer feedback, tests on live lice, and performance evaluations from our "Head Hunters," we have created a professional, head lice treatment that is extremely effective.

lice repellents

Salon-grade head lice repellent repels the adult louse transfer while repairing the hair and scalp. It leaves a proprietary scent in the hair and scalp to block lice’s scent receptors. Don’t let head lice ruin your day when you can keep the lice away! Our treatment ensures a lice-free state of mind.

prevent & repell lice

daily shampoo & conditioner

Lemon Heads lice repellent shampoo & conditioner offers a safe and effective solution for lice protection with its non-toxic and natural ingredients. For daily use to keep lice away.

lice treatment & prevention

professional treatment at home

Lice treatment has never been more easy. Try WipeOut lice treatment kit today for a lice-free tomorrow.

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kill super lice for good

Our propietary formula takes out the paracidic predators that hiding deep in your hair. With over 5,000 in our facilities, we developed the winning products to eliminate super lice that has become resistant to other solutions.



When my kid comes home and says she’s itching…. I turn to this product first because I know it works! It wipes them all out the first try. Make sure to wash all bedding and pillows in hot water then dryer… bag up stuffed animals and anything like that for 2 weeks. Then lice is gone.

Shana D.
Los Angeles, CA

2nd time to order. With 3 girls....sadly we have had more than 1 episode of lice. This product is amazing. It's been 2yrs since I last ordered. The product has not changed. It is just as wonderful as before. Soak hair for 30 mins & comb the lice out. It makes an unpleasant event as easy as it can be. I do a 2nd treatment about 6 days later to get any missed or late hatching bugs.

Ashley H.
Washington, DC

We have been using preventive shampoos and every kind of treatment you could imagine. They have been getting it so much that we were worried about all the chemicals sitting on there head because we were treating them so much. Then I found Headhunters on Amazon. It is the best thing we have ever come across. It kills the lice and eggs and it smells wonderful.

Angela Kay
Lansing, MI

The whole process is arduous. I came across this amazing natural treatment shampoo. Wow...something easier to use, and not toxic to us?!? I read the reviews, which I weigh heavily in making a decision to purchase or not, I ordered and it was here within a few days. I did find eggs in my daughters hair, and one critter. So, thankfully we caught this in time before we were completely infested. She used this product and is lice free! It left her hair feeling and smelling nice as well. My younger ones used as a precaution. This wasn't a product I was afraid to use or to have touch their skin! I recommend this product and am confident in its safety and the results!

Kathy B.
Trenton, NJ

I used this product on my 6 year old daughter after using Ridx (more conventional lice treatment ). The texture is thick and it smells great! I didn’t feel bad at all for treating my daughter so quickly after the initial discovery of lice because this is natural and can be used as much as desired. Combined with using a metal lice comb, I found several other nits that ridx did not kill. They were dead and have not come back since.

Mermaid Mommy
Richmond, VA

Mom-Approved Reviews

The Best Head Hunters Lice Treatment and Repellents for Your Family.

head hunters
professional comb

The Pro Lice Comb is widely accepted as the best head lice and nit comb on the market, removing more lice and nits with each stroke than any other comb available. The effectiveness of this anti lice comb is based on the patented stainless steel spiral micro-grooving on the comb’s teeth; the nits get stuck in these grooves and are pulled off the hair, enabling the removal of even the tiniest of nits.