How to Use the Pro Comb

The Combing Method

The Pro comb is an essential tool to removing the infestation. There are several techniques that can be utilized to make the combing process easier and more effective.

Tip #1: Begin with wet and conditioned hair. The softer the hair the more easily it will glide through the comb. Wash the child’s hair before starting and utilize conditioner or leave in conditioner to make the hair softer.

Tip #2: Completely detangle the hair. We recommend brushing the hair out with a normal hair brush and then detangling with a rattail comb to remove the smallest of tangles. A rattail comb should be able to easily brush through the hair without getting caught before beginning with the Pro Lice Comb.

Pro Lice Kit Detangled Hair

Tip #3: Work in 1 inch sections. Working in sections that are too small will make the combing process take hours. Working in sections that are too big will make for a less effective treatment. Make your sections about the width of the Pro Lice Comb and comb until you are no longer finding lice evidence.  Be sure that the comb is going all the way to the scalp.

How to section hair for lice treatment

Tip #4: Keep the comb facing the same direction. An easy way to do this is have the engraved “Nit Free” side facing you at all times. By doing this you will not flip the comb around and potentially re-deposit something back into the hair.

Tip #5: Wipe the comb onto a white paper towel to check for evidence. Lice and nits are usually various shades of brown when they are put onto a white background. Using the paper towel makes it easy to see what you are finding and easily dispose of the evidence.