WipeOut Treatment Instructions



  1. Using WipeOut on dry hair, saturate the entire head of hair and focus on coating the scalp. For more detailed instructions on aplpying WipeOut please consult Section 2.
  2. Massage into scalp.
  3. Let sit for 20 minutes. (You can choose to shampoo and condition the hair before moving to step 4 to make combing less messy)
  4. Thoroughly detangle the hair.
  5. Use a lice comb to remove any lice remnants or nit casings.
  6. WipeOut can be used to continue treating if necessary.

Section 2: Applying WipeOut

Tip #1: Apply directly to the scalp. Lice and nits are found on the scalp as this is their feeding source and source of warmth. Focus on the scalp and first 1-2 inches of hair like you would with a shampoo or scalp treatment.

Tip #2: Use on dry hair. When lice sense water in their environment they shut their bodies down as a defense mechanism. This closes their orifices and can make it harder for the WipeOut to penetrate into the louse. WipeOut works best on dry hair because it is able to quickly penetrate and kill the louse.

Pro Lice Kit WipeOut Instructions

Part the hair in a straight line as shown above so you can easily apply WipeOut directly to the scalp.