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WipeOut Natural Head Lice Treatment

WipeOut attacks head lice by penetrating the lice and forcing the them to keep their orifices open. Head lice normally shut their bodies down when they sense moisture and they can essentially hold their breath for up to eighteen hours, but WipeOut has a proprietary formula that does not allow head lice to do this. WipeOut causes a physical reaction that kills head lice rather than a chemical one. The Pro Lice Comb should be used with WipeOut to remove nits and deceased lice after WipeOut has been applied and rinsed. WipeOut has NO chemicals or pesticides.

You can use WipeOut on a daily basis if needed. It does not damage hair and can even be used as a deep conditioning treatment.

WipeOut is designed for head lice but can also be used for body lice.

Yes, you can shampoo and condition after a WipeOut treatment. Wipeout will need to be rinsed from the hair after sitting from 20 minutes and the hair can also be washed at that time.

Our research shows that WipeOut can kill head lice in as little as 5 to 10 minutes but for maximum results we recommend leaving WipeOut on the hair for 20 minutes. WipeOut should also be used in conjunction with the Pro Lice Comb. After applying and rinsing, the Pro Lice Comb should be used to remove nits and to check the hair for lice evidence every other day for at least one week.

Lemon Heads Repellant Shampoo & Conditioner

No, the shampoo will not kill lice. It works as a repellant and has no pesticides or ingredients that will kill head lice.

It inhibits the lice the ability to smell the human host by blocking their scent receptors. If you have had a recent lice infestation the Lemon Heads Repellant products also work to mask the scent that lice leave behind in the hair. Humans cannot detect this scent, but it attracts other lice families as it indicates that person is a good host and can successfully hold an infestation. Even if the Lemon scent of our products dissipates throughout the day it can still be detected by head lice and continues to mask the scent that they have left behind.

To repel lice from transferring to a new host. The Lemon Heads Shampoo and Conditioner also sanitize and restore the scalp, help alleviate scalp conditions, and relieve the itching associated with a lice infestation.

Yes, our products are all natural and there are NO chemicals used so they are safe to use every day. The Lemon Heads Repellant products wash and condition the hair as well as salon-grade hair products.

Lemon Heads Repellent Spray

Yes but it is not necessary; lice cannot live off the human host for longer than 24-48 hours therefore they will not be attracted to your furniture or other items in your home. Lice do not infest the home like other pests so it is not necessary to spray the repellant on items in your home. The repellant spray will not damage household items and will still repel lice when used on household items so it can be used for peace of mind.

Every day. Spray on the hair before school, work, or before social events. The hair should ideally be slightly damp after spraying and detangling. The Lemon Heads Repellant Spray is a leave-in conditioner and will air dry with no sticky or crunchy residue. Our products are all natural and there are NO chemicals used so they are safe for everyday use.

It leaves a proprietary scent in your hair and scalp that blocks lice’s scent receptors. Head lice have a different sense of smell than humans, just because we cannot smell it does not mean that it is not working. Even if the lemon scent dissipates throughout the day it has still left a coating on the hair that blocks the human scent from being detected by head lice.

No, there are no killing ingredients or pesticides in the repellant spray.

No, it is not necessary. The Lemon Heads Repellent Spray is a leave in conditioner and does not need to be washed out after applying.