Side Effects and Risks

Although the side effects and risks of homeopathic treatments are not well researched outside of observational studies, some general points can be made about the safety of these treatments:

  • A systematic review found that homeopathic remedies in high dilution, taken under the supervision of trained professionals, are generally considered safe and unlikely to cause severe adverse reactions.
  • Liquid homeopathic remedies may contain alcohol. The FDA allows higher levels of alcohol in these remedies than it allows in conventional drugs. However, no adverse effects from alcohol levels have been reported to the FDA.
  • Homeopaths expect some of their patients to experience homeopathic aggravation (a temporary worsening of existing symptoms after taking a homeopathic prescription, this is generally found in cases of internal usage). Researchers have not found much evidence of this reaction in clinical studies; however, research on homeopathic aggravations is scarce.
  • Homeopathic remedies are not known to interfere with conventional drugs; however, if you are considering using homeopathic remedies, you should discuss this with your health care provider first.
  • No specific harmful reactions have been reported to date by Head Hunters Naturals clients.

Potential Outcomes of Use of This Product

  • Elimination of Lice and Nits from your Hair/Scalp
  • Prevention of Adult Louse Transfer

Potential Risks

  • Allergic Reaction (Lemongrass and Geranium)
  • Accidental Ingestion (Do Not Ingest Naturals Products)
  • Irritation of the eyes if contact (Avoid Contact with Eyes)

Please Note Head Hunters Naturals adheres to all regulations set forth by the FDA for the sale of Homeopathic Products