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Essential Essence for Natural Protection is what we strive for.

our mission

"To provide a knowledgeable resource that furnishes a non-toxic natural treatment option by educating, empowering, treating and preventing head lice in our community. We specialize in calming fears, anxieties and turning an overwhelming lice situation into a manageable one."

developed with care


Our products are formulated with all-natural ingredients such as Sage, Chamomile, Ginseng, Oat, Lemon, and Aloe, and fortified with Vitamins A and E, making it safe to reapply daily as needed to completely remove all lice and nit casings.


Our products offer a safe and effective solution for eliminating lice with its non-toxic and natural ingredients. The formula is highly effective without causing any harm to the hair or scalp, making it safe for use on kids and adults alike.


Our products are expertly crafted by our team of head lice professionals. Using customer feedback, tests on live lice, and performance evaluations from our "Head Hunters," we have created a professional, head lice treatment that is extremely effective.

salon grade head lice removal

Careful thought and consideration have gone into the development of the Lemon Heads line by following customer feedback, rigorous testing on live lice and performance reviews from our experienced "Head Hunters". The result is a true multi-functional salon grade professional product for head lice removal.

Vigorous Product Testing Against the Newest Strains of Lice
tried & true solution

Our products are used in every treatment performed in our facility allowing us to test our products on every hair type and a variety of cases of lice.

Feedback from Clients and Proven Effectiveness
proven effectiveness

Our products have proven effective even when used on the most severe of cases and difficult hair types. We develop our products based on this testing and customer feedback.

Formulated for all Aspects of a Lice Problem
designed for you

Other lice treatment products contain harsh chemicals that can burn the scalp and damage the hair. Our product line is formulated to condition and restore the hair as well as sanitize and soothe the scalp with all natural ingredients.

easy on you, tough on lice

Our products are formulated to relieve itching, heal the scalp, reduce tangles, and restore the hair. Because our products are all natural there is no damage to the hair, burning of the scalp, or harsh chemical smells.

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