Bullying and Head Lice

Bullying and Head Lice- In New Jersey, a student came to school with her hair freshly dyed. When another student said “she dyed her hair because she had head lice.” That student was the reprimanded and labeled as a bully. The school and the state are now being sued by the alleged bully.

This child’s family believes that the school infringed on their child’s Freedom of Speech. Click here to read the article in its entirety. Bullying

While the exact nature or extent of the altercation is not conclusive, this article brings to light an important issue…Children ARE being bullied because of head lice.

Created over the decades, the social stigma that is associated with head lice is no laughing matter. It has been and sometimes still is, thought that poor hygiene, neglect or low socioeconomic levels contribute to the spread of head lice. In 2014, it has been shown that the old thinking is simply not true. As a society, we need to eliminate the negative perception about people with head lice.

Know Lice No Stigma is our motto. Education is the key to the prevention of the adult louse transfer but more importantly the key to ending the social stigma. Having the correct information builds empowerment and will then be used to defuse the bully immediately. Head lice should not create a bullying situation. If there is no social stigma associated with head lice than children would not be placed in a position to bully or be bullied.

It is unfortunate that head lice produces an environment in which one person feels powerless but the reality is that it does. Our company’s mission is to educate, empower, treat and prevent head lice in our community. Check out our other blogs on lice facts. For more information about head lice visit headlicespecialist.com. For information about treatment and preventative products visit headhuntersnaturals.com.