Children’s Head Lice Books

c8e0eec08a76f7003dd4bf05c22f2df5Children’s head lice books- Getting head lice is like catching a cold. Although most people will have head lice at least once in their lives, it can be a hard concept for children. Most parents keep it simple and say, “you have bugs in your hair and we need to get them out.” To help your children learn about head lice, I recommend getting them a children’s book about lice. I picked out my 10 favorites. Order one online and have it ready or stop by a book store after you have had your child treated for lice. Either way a book is a fun and educational way to teach your child!

  1. Bugs in My Hair by David Shannon
  2. Roberta Price Has Head Lice by Cheryl Ware
  3. George Brown Class Clown Lice Check by Nancy Krulik
  4. Lots of Lice by Bobbi Katz
  5. Yikes Lice! by Donna Caffey
  6. Pablo Diablo y los piojos by Francesca Simon
  7. Scritch Scratch We Have Nits by Miriam Mois
  8. There’s a Louse in My House by Cheri Hayes R.N.
  9. What’s Bugging Nurse Penny by Catherine Steir
  10. I’ve Got Nits! by Mike Brownlow

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