Educational Head Lice Seminars Presented by the Head Lice Specialist

List of basic facts about head lice
We Dispel Myths and Present Facts about Head Lice to Educate & Empower the Community.

Here at Head Hunters we believe education is empowerment and that one of the best ways to prevent head lice and a head lice panic is to educate the community. To help fight against head lice in our community, we often speak at seminars for schools, day care, and social services. When we are asked to host a seminar, we cover six things that are vital in containing a lice issue. We identify stages and lifespans, social stigma, treating of the house, prevention, and products. These seminars gives the community a great source to work from, and to answer the common questions you have.

In a typical seminar we start with teaching how to identify head lice. It is important for people to see and know what they are looking for so no one is misdiagnosed, which does and can happen often. We then cover the different life stages and life cycle of a louse. A common misconception is that having lice is a result of cleanliness or hair type. Lice do not discriminate so it is best to not listen to the common myths. Knowing that alone helps reduce spread of lice as now everyone knows they have the possibility of getting it.

Following the information about lice, we also like to talk about the social stigma of that surrounds head lice as an issue. The process of ending an outbreak is a group effort- especially for the parents. A lot of people feel embarrassed or ashamed of this issue when they should inform and educate. Tell people there is an outbreak so the people who are familiar with this issue can be involved. If you or your child have been around others with it, bringing it to their attention is the best thing you can do. Also, talk to your children about personal space, getting too close, or sharing brushes, hats, etc. The smallest preventative measures help when you have been informed of someone having lice.

Typically when schools have discovered lice outbreaks they send home a parent checklist on how to treat households.

head lice spreads through head to head contact
In our Presentations we Emphasize that Head Lice Comes from Head to Head Contact, and that Lice will not Infest the Home or School.

Depending on the state and county, schools may not allow a child to come back until they have been treated. We cover ways to treat the household while correcting popular misconceptions of lice in the home. This could take up to an hour depending on how many questions we are asked. Remember, your chances of catching lice from an inanimate object is small but possible. Spend more time watching your head-to-head contact, it is more beneficial than bagging or washing all your belongings.

If anyone is interested in what Head Hunters use to remove head lice, it is our pleasure to introduce our natural products/utensils at the seminar. We have several products online and in-store that anyone can purchase if needed. Our products assist not only in treating an infestation at home but also in preventing and checking for head lice. Be careful of chemicals in some lice removing products. There are products that cause neurological effects, so be careful in your choice on how you will remove the infestation. We only want the best for our community and informing is the best way we know how!