Head Lice Among Atlanta Children is not Rare

Head lice are prevalent among children in Atlanta. As lice become more and more resistant to over-the-counter products, it is becoming more difficult for parents to get rid of their children’s infestations.  and we find that children have had lice for longer periods before they start itching and some children never itch. Typically, by the time that an infestation is discovered it is at a contagious and unmanageable level.

Head lice is not a rare occurrence as each year an estimated 6 to 12 million children are affected. Chemically based lice treatments are about 53% effective at killing live lice. The nits (eggs) have to be manually removed. The cheap combs that come in the OTC kits are virtually worthless and will not proficiently remove the nits.

With the difficulty and frustration that parents are experiencing with lice, many are opting to get professional treatment. Head Hunters offers an array of services to help with any head lice dilemma. Call us at 678-240-0042 for a phone consultation, head check, effective professional lice removal treatment, educational information, and treatment and preventative products.