Head Lice and the Emotional Frenzy for Mothers

Head lice is an emotional topic for moms across the globe. With any lice situation, moms typically worry about who has lice, how they are going to get rid of it and the household cleaning. This topic creates an emotional frenzy that overwhelms almost every mom dealing with head lice.

head lice emotional frenzyMoms usually begin the emotional frenzy by reading information given online; the more moms read the more their stress levels increase. Moms experiencing lice for the first time become depressed, apologetic to children and place blame on themselves. Why? Because the internet is full of misinformation. Moms go from panicking to crying, confused to mad, and frustrated to sad in a matter of minutes. The thought of having lice takes them into overload making them feel as if the house needs to be turned inside out and upside down. Moms tend to wash bedding daily and bag items, such as stuffed animals, for two to four weeks.

treating the house for head lice is not neccessaryAs a professional, our job is to inform moms about lice facts, what to do in the home and how to become proactive. Our number one goal is to make sure all moms are calm and feel confident knowing that lice can be handled and eliminated. Our first tip is to tell moms to breathe. Head lice do not infest the house so the cleaning that needs to be done is precautionary and minimal. With Head Hunters Naturals treatment products any head lice infestation can be removed easily and efficiently. Our friendly technicians can remove any head lice infestation!

If you have any questions or need more information about head lice you can contact The Head Lice Specialist at 678-240-0042 or by visiting headlicespecialist.com. For more information about treatment or preventative products visit headhunersnaturals.com.