Head Lice by the Numbers; How Quickly an Infestation can Grow

A mature louse can lay 5 to 10 eggs daily. A louse’s average life span is 33 days. That means one louse, for its life span, can lay anywhere from 165 to 330 eggs. Each of those eggs, for its lifespan, will lay the same. To put it in perspective, this first louse will have close t 108,000 grand children and 11 million great grand children. Let’s add a few more figures. It takes about 3 to 4 weeks to discover a case of head lice. That means, by the time you discover the first louse in your hair, several generations of lice have already hatched and laid their own eggs in your hair. 6-12 million cases of head lice are reported each year. Lucky for those of you who are our neighbors, you can take advantage of Atlanta head lice removal services. Those of you who live outside Atlanta can still take advantage of Head Hunters L.R.S. by buying our products online.