Head Lice Causing Psychosomatic Itching


Psychosomatic Itching- When someone around you says that they have head lice your head instantly starts itching. Some people say that they can feel something “crawling in their hair”. If your head did not itch the minute before hearing the word lice, what you are experiencing is psychosomatic itching. Psychosomatic means a condition caused or aggravated by a mental factor such as internal conflict or stress, of or relating to the interaction of mind and body, or pertaining to a physical disorder that is caused or notably influenced by emotional factors. This means that the itching you are experiencing is in your head, not on your head. You think that you have lice, therefore your mind makes you think that your head itches.

When someone around you has lice, you should get a head check. Once you are cleared by a professional your psychosomatic itching will cease. Call Head Hunters today to schedule a peace of mind head check 770-702-8980 or 678-240-0042. For more information on head lice visit headlicespecialist.com. For treatment and preventative products visit headhuntersnaturals.com.