Lice in the Modern Age: How Tech Spreads Head Lice


With the increase in technology, The Head Lice Specialist has seen an increase in the number of cases of head lice. Since head lice transfer from head to head contact, they are finding ample opportunity to transfer more easily with technological advances. Take note and watch your children when they are playing with their smart devises. You will be amazed at how much head to head contact you see!


Social media is at the forefront to most social activities. Pictures with friends, hand held video games and tablets are gaining popularity and giving head lice multiple occasions to infest new children. When children are gathered around a smart device head to head contact is prevalent. Girls put their heads together to take pictures to post to social media sites and send to their friends. Boys put their heads together to play video games and to watch movies. Multiple children gather around each other to look at the latest app. These are all situations where head to head contact can and will happen.


So what does a parent do? Do we stop the technology driven social activities? Do we gather up all of their gadgets and take them away? Absolutely not! Our motto is “do not stop the life because of lice.” Head lice prey on our desire to be a social society. With a few precautions we can prevent the spread of head lice. Have a good conversation with your children about head to head contact and how that can occur when playing on their smart devises. Keep your child’s hair up in buns, braids and pony tails in social settings, use repellent products and perform regular head lice head checks. Keep the fun in technology and the lice out!