Lousy Misconceptions Myth #1


Lousy Misconceptions Myth #1

The internet can be an amazing source of information! Over the years, I have done numerous hours of research on head lice as part of the scope of my job. After-all…. I work for The Head Lice Specialist! It astonishes me that there are some many myths about head lice passed to the general public. The misinformation points people in the wrong direction and can start parents on an emotional roller coaster that is extremely hard to get off of. I spend part of everyday at work correcting misinformation and giving parents lice facts and tips. In a mini-series, I am going to put Lousy Misconceptions to rest and give the community the real facts of lice!

Myth #1- Mayonnaise or Olive Oil are Effective Treatmentsmayonnaise-lice-treatment

The premise behind a mayonnaise or olive oil treatment is suffocating head lice. However, a louse will lock it’s body down when it detects moisture. Head lice in our lab have survived over 16 hour submerged in water. The instructions on these at home remedies say to leave the product in the hair for 8 hours. We know that head lice can live twice as long! Although your hair will be deeply conditioned, you will still have head lice.

Fact #1- Combing is the key to removing head lice

Combing is the ONLY way to remove 100% of a head lice infestation. Purchase the Head Hunters Pro Lice Comb and you can effectively remove lice and save yourself 8 hours with mayo!

Visit headlicespecialist.com to purchase the Head Hunters Lice Comb and preventative and/or treatment products. You can call 770-702-8980 to speak to a highly trained technician for profession advice, tips and product support.