Mom Spent $2,000 Treating her daughter for Head Lice!

Mom claims she spent $2,000 treating her daughter for head lice…. This would not have happened if this mother came to Head Hunters! A newspaper recently reported that a mother spent $2,000 in one year treating her daughter for head lice. After an infestation is removed it is important for parents to be proactive in preventing a future case of head lice. While clients are in our facility, their highly trained technician will give them a full educational dialogue on how to handle head lice now and in the future.

We cannot verify the statements in this article and there are many factors in play:

  • Was the original source of exposure identified?
  • Was the entire family checked and treated?
  • Were proactive and preventative measures used after the treatment?

If the answer was “NO” to any of these questions then the family was at risk to deal with head lice over and over. Head lice does NOT come from the school and it is not the schools fault that children get head lice. Head lice is in the schools simply because the children bring it to that environment. Parents need to protect their children from getting head lice. Schools can also take proactive steps to help control head lice:

  • Encourage girls to wear their hair in buns, braids and ponytails
  • Place coats inside book bags on individual hangers
  • Have individual seating in the book nook area
  • Send lice letters home when a case of head lice has been identified
  • Regularly check students for head lice