Don’t Stop Your Life Because Of Head Lice”

“Don’t Stop the Life Because Of Head Lice”

The words “Your Child Has Head Lice” will instantly send any mom into a panic. Stop. Breathe. After taking steps to becoming lice free, it is now time to move on with life. You must start living life as you did before you had lice. However, now you can put your experience to good use. Many “moms” ask if their children can go on sleep overs, go to the movies, etc. The answer is a resounding YES!

Sleepovers, Play Dates- Have your child take their own bedding and pillows. Have a conversation about head-to-head contact and how it happens. Make sure they know NOT to share hairbrushes and hair accessories. Contain hair in braids or buns in every social gathering.

School Activities- The best way to wear the hair to school is in braids or buns. A hug is a common way to pass on a case of head lice to another child. Safe Hugs ONLY! Safe Hugs Equal No Bugs!

Movies, Family Events, Vacations- Enjoy the time you spend with your family. Do not stress about where you picked up the head lice infestation from. A louse is NOT on a seat waiting for you to sit there. A louse will die when it is off the head after 24 hours. The chances of picking up head lice from a seat at the movie theater are slim to none. Enjoy the movie!

“Be Proactive Instead of Inactive”

It is important to be proactive when a case of lice hits your family. Not only is the entire family at risk of getting it but the child is at risk of receiving head lice again from another student/friend. Once a case is found in a classroom, the whole class needs to be checked to identify other cases. The classroom itself is NOT the issue. Concentrate all energy on preventing and getting rid of an outbreak. Students should put jackets inside the book bags to create a barrier which lice cannot break. The girls should wear their hair in braids or buns. Nap time should consist of children sleeping separate from one another. Watch the head-to-head contact. Safe Hugs Equal No Bugs!

“Moms” can be proactive in their own right. The voice of a mother is like no other. When we have something to say most people sit up and listen. It is important to spread the word on the Who, What, When, Where and How of head lice. Education is the key in the prevention and elimination of head lice. When you have a case hit your family, turn to a friend instead of the internet. She may be able to provide valuable first hand insight. Then when a friend comes to you, give her the same respect. We are a valuable resource to others. “Mommy Blogs” and other social media outlets are great ways of communicating with one another about your head lice experience. Use it!