Lice Removal Specialist Atlanta


The number one question at our treatment facility is “How did you get into this business?” The short version is that we wanted to help people. However, the long version is…well…long. 

First and foremost, our daughter had a case of head lice that would not go away…for anything. With a surgery date, fast approaching, we got help. The surgery went well and the head lice did not return. So our life went on.

The next thing that happened was shocking. Tommy lost his job due to the economy downturn. We are people who believe that when one door closes another one opens. In the course of all this STUFF happening at once, we decided to move beyond the traditional and think outside the box. Headhunters L.R.S. was soon formed! 

With hard work and loads of teamwork, years later we have a successful and thriving business. However during the first few years, we realized the products that we were purchasing did not live up to our expectations. After successful testing of ingredients on live lice and ourselves, we formulated our first bottle of Lemon Heads Conditioning Repellent Spray. With great reviews while using it in our facility, our clients encouraged us to launch a line of products. Can we create, formulate and sell head lice removal products that actually work? Yes we can! 

At our treatment facility, we use our own products with amazing results. “Moms” often return to stock up on the Lemon Heads Conditioning Repellent Spray. They use it for everything from a head lice repellant to a detangling spray after a day at the pool.

Over the years, our dedicated staff has helped launch our once small business into a new dimension. By bringing the experience that our families receive at the Headhunters facility to our website, we have incorporated a network of support. With education being our number one priority, we can offer live interactive support, how to videos and help with the declassification of myths and stigmas involved with head lice. Without their help, our facility and product lines would not be where they are today.